Preschool Social Skills Fun Video Modeling Set with Puppets

Playtime With Zeebu

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Get ready to work on social skills, emotion recognition, and self regulation all while having fun with the Playtime with Zeebu DVD and Puppet Combo! This video features thought bubbles that draw viewers attention to the emotions and thoughts of each character. Thought bubbles help children understand "theory of mind" - that others have different thoughts than they do.

Kids will enjoy watching Zeebu go on an adventure to find puzzle pieces. They will watch him plan his day using his choice board. As he meets up with his friends, they will learn lots of important social lessons including how to ask for help, calm down, keep trying, and more. By using the "power of their eyes" they will learn to understand how their friends are feeling.

Video modeling is an evidenced based intervention for children with autism and this video is filled with common social situations your students are likely to encounter. By watching the video multiple times, kids will have ample time to learn and practice new social skills. Use the two included puppets as an interactive way to practice emerging social skills and generalize new skills. Puppet play is a fun way to connect new skills to real life situations.

This DVD will help kids:

 - think about another person's perspective through the use of thought bubbles.
 - learn that their actions affect others as they watch the Zeebu characters face the consequences of their actions.
 - stop and think about the feelings of their peers before reacting.
 - work out their problems together to achieve successful resolutions.
 - manage their reactions by watching characters go through a "calming down" period.
 - learn self-talk techniques such as "be calm so we can think" and "take five deep breaths."

Characters in Playtime with Zeebu ™ resolve conflicts using declarative statements that share perspective, rather than force behaviors or elicit specific responses. This intentional language helps children understand the purpose behind the character's statements.

This set includes a DVD, user guide, and two puppets.

Approximate run time: 45 minutes