Photographic Learning Card Set

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If you need high quality vocabulary cards for your special needs classroom, this extensive Photographic Learning Card Set is a great choice! This extensive bundle covers a wide variety of subjects with the People & Emotions, Nouns, Verbs & Adjectives, and Early Learning Skills flash card sets. This set works well in ECE classrooms, ELL centers, and for ABA, VB, SLP or special education settings. With its large size and wide range of subjects, these cards have something to offer to any special needs teacher.

This set features 592 full color, high quality flash cards designed especially for educators. The People and Emotions set includes 90 flashcards,

the Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives has over 250 flashcards and Early Learning Skills set includes 227 flashcards. Use this large set to increase vocabulary, encourage both expressive and receptive language, assist reading and literacy skills, work on labeling, sorting, matching, categorizing and classifying skills and much more!