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This set of full-color photographic opposite cards will make a great addition to your classroom or therapy center. It includes 48 high quality photographs creating a total of 24 pairs. A helpful resource guide provides you with word lists and several suggested teaching activities in both English and Spanish. Use this set to help build your student's vocabulary, expressive and receptive language, critical thinking skills, and increase their understanding of adjectives. Kids will love mixing and matching the colorful, high-quality photo images with each other.

Some of the opposites covered include night and day, hot and cold, fast and slow.

This set includes opposites that are both readily apparent and some that require more critical thinking and analysis.

It comes with 48 4.25" x 5.5" cards that make up 24 pairs of opposites.

It also includes printed word lists, several teaching suggestions, and conforms to both NCTE and NAEYC standards.