Oball Classic

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Light, flexible, and easy to catch, the Oball is a great toy for helping special needs kids exercise their motor muscles and dexterity! This helpful item is unparalleled in its accessibility, safety, and sturdy design. Use it in your home, classroom, or clinic as a fun, kinetic activity for kids to enjoy.

For many kids with motor difficulties, it can be difficult to throw and catch regular play balls. However, the Oball's unique design features thirty-two holes that make it much easier to catch and hold even if the user lacks grip strength. Additionally, this ball is extremely light and pliable, preventing injury or damage to the surroundings during play.

Use the Oball at home or in your therapy program as a great exercise. Throw it, roll it, catch it, and more! This versatile ball is effective and so much fun.

The Oball is made out of sturdy, non toxic plastic material. Measures 4" in diameter.