Musical Emotions Art Kit

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Ages 3+

Create a multi-sensory experience for your students as you explore emotions with the Musical Emotions Art Kit! This set features a CD of "mood" music, textured rubbing plates and 100 printable "shape sheets".

24 songs explore happy, sad, angry, scared, anxious, calm, surprised, and love. Each emotion has a short song, a longer song, and a long song with sound effects! Each musical piece is designed to help kids interpret their emotions.

Children can explore each emotion by drawing as they listen. Provide lots of crayons or markers and let children choose colors that reflect the emotion they are exploring. Use this set to start discussions on how everyone feels a variety of emotions. Talk about how musicians, composers and artists express emotions using chords, tempos, rhythms, colors, shapes and lines.

This set includes 36 8" x 9" rubbing plates, CD with 24 songs, 100 printable shape sheets and a teacher's guide.