Multiplication Facts Tips & Tricks

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Learning about multiplication can be difficult for many kids. Make the leap easier with this helpful workbook! In Multiplication Facts Tips & Tricks, students are asked to complete a wide variety of exercises that teach basic math concepts in several different ways. Use this book of worksheets for targeted practice one-on-one, or reproduce the sheets for small group and classroom assignments.

The included games, diagrams, word problems, worksheets, and in-depth explanations are designed to target special learning needs. Fun framing devices turn math facts practice into climbing a mountain, searching for treasure, creating a quilt, and more! The cute illustrations and clear presentation help to engage students-- kids will have so much fun as they complete the exercises!

This book covers several necessary math concepts. Students will be asked to memorize times tables for numbers 0-10, skip count, use arrays, and more. Use the included reference pages to find helpful books and websites for even more activities that reinforce the concepts explored!

64 pages. Grades 3-4.