Moving On To Middle School

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Making the transition from elementary school to middle school can be difficult for many kids with special needs. Use this great video to help children smoothly transition into mainstreamed middle school. By clearly laying out scenarios and solutions to possible problems, this DVD clearly teaches the vital skills needed for social and academic success.

With the beginnings of adolescence, students face many new and complex problems. Different social situations, higher expectations, and the onset of puberty all present unique challenges to overcome. This video is designed to prepare kids for these new situations by offering strategies for difficult tasks such as regulating their emotions and solving problems independently.

As pre-teens view this program, they will identify how they can improve socially, organizationally, and academically while learning important tips on matters such as Preparing for the First Day, Making a Good Impression, Making Friends, Dealing with Teasing, Lunchtime, and much more.

Runtime: 30 minutes.