Move-n-Sit Jr

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The Move-n-Sit Jr. cushion is the number one OT recommended sitting wedge that helps both posture and concentration.

These work well in the classroom to encourage focus and provide subtle movement for kids with ADHD and attention challenges. They fit easily in classroom size chairs and are designed to be discreet.

The wedge shape design automatically moves a person into a proper sitting position by encouraging a forward pelvic position. This calming light blue cushion also eases back strain and fatigue, making it a great choice for children with core strength issues.

Take your pick of two surfaces to sit on-- a smooth surface on one side and low level circular nubs on the other for a little extra sensory input. Best of all, no pumps needed. Just remove the plug and inflate to the desired comfort level. The durable construction of this product makes it a great choice for the classroom or therapy center.

Latex-free 10" x 10"