Move and Sit Cushion

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Give the people you work with a gift of therapeutic, dynamic seating with the Move and Sit Cushion! This item is perfect for those who have trouble paying focusing due to excess energy. By allowing users to balance, move, and shift in their seat, this item provides an energy outlet that will help redirect focus back to where it is needed.

The Move and Sit Cushion features a smooth surface on one side and sensory points on the other to accommodate a wide variety of sensory needs. Changing the sensory experience is as simple as flipping the cushion over! The wedge shaped design encourages forward pelvic positioning, promoting proper spinal alignment and good posture. It's a great option for combining dynamic seating and static positioning.

This large 13" x 13" wedge is recommended for older students and adults, and fits right on standard classroom chairs. Inflate or deflate the wedge with a puff of air, no pump needed.