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Understanding the value of money is a critical life skill all kids need to know. This set actually includes two games that will introduce your kids to essential money management concepts. In the first game, kids will use money to count, add, subtract, and make change. To play, kids roll the dice to gain a certain amount of dollars. As kids gain more dollars, they can exchange smaller bills for larger ones. The first person to gain $100 wins.

In the second game, kids will learn how to budget money. In this fun game, players begin with $100. With each turn they earn more money, but must also pay a bill for real-life expenses such as food, clothing, or taxes. This game also includes occasional "hard-luck chips" which are big bills that one can't always plan for.

Set includes: 2 game boards, play money, 16 markers, and 2 dice.

Recommended for players seven years and up.