Magnetic Pattern Activity Set

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Your students will have fun as they explore patterns, geometric shapes, build spatial reasoning skills, explore symmetry, and develop problem solving skills with the Magnetic Pattern Activity Set! Bright inviting colors and interesting pattern cards will instantly engage your students. With 10 double sided magnetic cards and 98 blocks, the ample size of this set makes it perfect for small group activities.

Educators will appreciate that the magnetic blocks add stability to pattern designs as students work with the set. This eliminates the frustration some students can experience from constantly moving pieces. Instead, pieces are locked into place but are still able to be pulled off with a small tug.

This item also works well to help special students develop fine motor skills, motor planning, and hand eye coordination! Incorporate the magnetic pieces into existing activities or use them on their own.

This set includes 10 double sided 7.5 x 6 inch magnetic boards, 98 foam blocks, and an answer key.