Magnetic Fraction Tiles

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Learning how to use fractions can be difficult for many students, and visual aids are a necessity. Teach fractions visually with this colorful magnetic fraction tile set. This helpful arithmetic resource is a favorite among parents and teachers!

This 106 piece set contains colorful, thick foam magnet pieces in two different shapes, providing two visual examples of fractions. A rectangular option will help you teach lengths as a part of a whole, while a circular option will help you teach groups. Both of these options are visually clear and allow students to see how separate parts relate to a whole. The magnetic design allows you to prop this board up for easy viewing, and keeps pieces from being lost.

Each full circle measures 5" in diameter and full rectangle piece measures 8" in length. Additional magnetic tile sets are available in percentages and decimals and they are all color-coded to show equivalences. Designed for grades 2 to 5.