Liam Says "Sorry"

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For many children, asking for forgiveness is a very daunting task. They must admit that they did something wrong and are afraid that they may get in trouble. Liam Says "Sorry" will teach kids how to say sorry when they make mistakes. In this fun, accessible picture book, kids will enjoy reading the story of Liam, a kid who must learn how to apologize. Kids will learn that everyone makes mistakes, but what's important is learning how to recognize a mistake, accept responsibility for it and then ask for forgiveness.

With simple text that a child can comprehend alongside colorful, clear images, this book explains the concept of apology in a way that is relatable and easy to understand. Use this book at home or in the classroom as an effective teaching tool for young children. A great choice for parents, teachers and therapists alike, kids will love to read and learn along with Liam.