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Using scissors can be a very difficult skill for kids, and it is easy for them to become frustrated. With the helpful Let's Learn to Cut workbook, kids will enjoy learning how to cut paper as they complete many fun activities. By finishing this workbook, users will improve their fine motor skills, coordination, spatial recognition, and so much more.

Young children will enjoy cutting out the bright kid friendly pictures in each activity. Kids will start off cutting very simple straight lines, or learning to "cut" the grass. Pictures get more challenging as the child's skills improve. Eventually, they will learn how to cut out curves, zig zags, shapes, and much more. Kids will be eager to move from one skill to the next as they cut out adorable pictures.

28 fun, colorful activities provide lots of practice. Helpful tips to continue cutting fun are provided at the back of the book. Recommended for use with children from preschool through 2nd grade.