Learn to Talk about Toys & Pretend Play Flashcards

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Build your special students imagination with the Learn to talk about Toys & Pretend Play Flashcards. Your students will enjoy learning vocabulary relating to common toys and games they encounter in the home and classroom.

The Learn to talk about Toys & Pretend Play Flashcards are designed for Verbal Behavior programs, Applied Behavior Analysis programs, and early intervention or special education programs. They can be used with kids who have autism, PDD-NOS, speech and language delays or Asperger's. Children with emerging language will enjoy discovering more about this popular selection of toys and games. Use these flashcards to teach comprehension, expressive and receptive skills, categories, functions, object identification, and much more.

Flashcards include objects and concepts such as blocks, puzzles, toy cars, pretending to play doctor, pretending to cook, pretending to have a tea party, dressing up and so much more.

Each flash card is a high-quality, laminated photographic 5"x3.5" card. These cards work well with children on the autism spectrum and are great for ABA and Verbal behavior programs. Set also includes instructions on how to use these cards with your VB or ABA program.