Laser Stars - Laser Twilight Projector

Laser Stars - Laser Twilight Projector

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Transform any room into a beautiful galaxy with this mesmerizing night light! Turn on the Laser Stars light and watch a cascade of stars float across the ceiling of your room. Watch as stars slowly move and occasional shooting stars glide by.

This stellar light show uses both laser lights and holographic technology to create a stunning display. Watching the glistening stars is perfect for helping viewers relax, making this item a great addition to the calm down area in your classroom or clinic. Or, place it in a child's bedroom for a truly beautiful nightlight.

This laser system features two precision glass lenses for crystal clear stars on both small or large ceilings. You can adjust your light show by creating thousands of stars with or without cloud formations. This system requires no set up and will fill any size room from a small bedroom, large therapy room, to a warehouse sized space full of stars. Just plug in the system and it's ready to go!