Intimate Relationships and Sexual Health

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For many autistic people, it can be difficult to navigate romantic relationships. Those with social difficulties may be unable to identify signs of an unhealthy relationship and have trouble communicating with their partner clearly. This extensive item includes a complete curriculum for teaching autistic people about sexual health and intimate relationships. This curriculum is designed with consideration for the characteristics of autistic individuals and includes handouts, checklists as well as a CD-ROM with blank forms for teachers.

Each lesson is designed to be taught over two hours, however it can be broken apart and taught in shorter segments.

Each lesson includes a list of materials, estimated preparation time, actual lesson time, student objects and outcomes.

Lessons include: Introduction, Sexual Anatomy, Reproductive Health, Sexual Responses and Partnered Sex, Contraception and STDs, Dating, The Dating World, Stages of Relationships and Maintaining Relationships, Attitudes Values and Differences, Sexual Intimidation and Abuse, Final Lesson.