I Don't Want to Wait!

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Patience and taking turns can be difficult for many young children. In I Don’t Want to Wait!, Maisy struggles with waiting both at home and in the classroom. Having to wait makes her feel angry, so she often talks over others or doesn’t listen to directions. When she has to wait, she may stomp or slam her door. However, her sister teaches her the importance of being patient, and Maisy finds that others appreciate it when she waits her turn. When she gets an extra scoop of ice cream for waiting in line so nicely, she realizes that it’s much nicer to be patient!

This helpful picture book also includes a section in the back for adults with discussion topics and helpful tips for reinforcing the message. Each page features a colorful, appealing illustration that helps kids understand the story while capturing their imaginations. Parents, teachers, and therapists can all appreciate the lessons in this book.

25 pages.