How We Got Started

National Autism Resources was founded in 2008 by Bonnie Arnwine. In 1998 her son was diagnosed with autism. Using her corporate research background she began investigating effective interventions. In 2006 Future Horizons published her book, “Starting Sensory Integration Therapy: Fun Activities for your Home or Classroom” which received a Disney iParenting award. While speaking at various events across the country it became apparent there was a need for a company that embraced a mosaic approach to evidence based interventions for people with autism.

During this time with the help of a group of dedicated business mentors, National Autism Resources was founded. Since that time we have experienced rapid growth and today we are a global leader offering the widest variety of evidence based products that support the needs of individuals with autism. We work with school districts, government institutions and health care providers across the United States and Canada.

Every year we continue to grow but our mission remains the same: to provide effective tools to support the autism community. Many of the people working at National Autism Resources have special needs or a family member with special needs. This is more than a job to us, we feel it is our calling and we look forward to assisting you.