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How to Talk to an Autistic Kid

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    Do you know how talk to an autistic child effectively?  If you know someone with autism, you might find it difficult to understand that person and their unique behavior. This book can help you figure out what's going on inside an autistic kid's head so you can get to know each other better, avoid harmful misunderstandings, and facilitate friendship and understanding so both parties can be comfortable.

    Learn why autistic kids sometimes stand too close to others, why they won't look at you when speaking to you, and why they may complain about overwhelming lights, noises or smells.  Learn why they may talk about the same subject over and over again. This useful guide also covers how to act, what to say, and how to find common ground with an autistic kid.  Written by Daniel Stefanski, an autistic teen who is excited about sharing his knowledge and experience on how to talk to an autistic child.

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