Home & Health Picture Card Set

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The Home & Health Picture Card Set makes it easy for picture communicators to communicate their wants and needs.  This durable, high quality set features 120 full color laminated 2" x 2" communication cards, 4 sentence strips and 124 Velcro coins.  Now it's easy to express physical needs, home responsibilities, make chore lists, communicate with the doctor or dentist and more.

Full color cards include: wash face, wash hands, shower, bath, brush hair, shampoo hair, brush teeth, toilet, clip nails, get dressed, get undressed, dry hair, wash cloth, towel soap, shampoo, tooth paste tooth brush, hair brush, clippers, hanger, hair dryer, shower cap, toilet paper, head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, forehead, hair, chin, cheek, neck, tongue, arm, elbow, hand, finger, finger nail, shoulder, back, stomach, let, knee, foot, ankle, wash clothes, fold clothes, dry clothes, wash dishes, make bed, wipe table, cough, sore throat, chest pain, cough, fever, band aid, tired, I want___please, I need to____, I have a ____, Please help me____ and much, much more!