Helping Your Anxious Teen: Positive Parenting Strategies to Help Your Teen Beat Anxiety, Stress, and Worry

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Dr. Shelia Achar Josephs has over twenty years of experience working with children and teens dealing with anxiety issues. These issues often overtake the young person’s life, and often the young person’s family’s life. In this comprehensive book she will address different types of anxiety--social anxiety disorder, panic attacks, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and just plain fear and worry that may be ruining or restraining someone from reaching their best potential.

She will guide parents, whom she believes are crucial in helping their anxious children, to become their teen’s best life coaches by increasing understanding and then guiding them to help teens modify or alter their anxiety or fear when it is overwhelming them.

As mentioned before this comprehensive and encyclopedic book has ten chapters such as understanding anxiety and the unique nature of adolescence fears, what works or backfires when managing teen anxiety, overcoming fearful thinking and repetitive worries, eliminating avoidance and learning how to face fears, reducing social fears and facing social challenges and so many more! This is a must have book if you know any teen or young person suffering anxiety and want to help them. Remember you are NOT to be blamed for your anxiety issues.