Greater Gator Answer Boards

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Teachers and students love the adorable Greater Gator Answer Boards! This set of 4 interactive, write-on, wipe-off boards is a great way of teaching your students about greater than, less than, or equal to number concepts. This learning tool is highly engaging and the alligator design makes it easy to explain to kids.

The front of the board allows students to write two numbers or mathematical expressions and then move the hinged, gator jaw to show which number is greater than, less than, or equal to the other number. The back of the board has room to write the actual symbols (<, >, or =).

Challenge your students to use the gator mouths to "eat up" the bigger number. After some practice, have your students turn their boards around to practice writing the actual symbols. This fun interactive tool supports Common Core. This set includes four 11" L x 4" H boards.