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Looking for some fun gifts for elementary school age kids on the spectrum? Our Grade School Gift Pack features some of our funnest toys for this age group. This gift set is recommended for kids ages seven and up and includes the following:

Original Tangle with Texture - this large tangle gets your hands and arms moving and features a variety of textures that are fun to touch. It makes an interesting interactive sculpture for any room

Kanoodle - a fun visually based three dimensional puzzle that comes in a sturdy plastic case making it a great travel toy as well.

Self Color Changing Egg - this visually calming egg slowly rotates through a rainbow of colors and makes a great night light too!

Liquid Timer - this is one of our top rated products its great for timing short projects, fun to look at, and easily fits in a purse.

Light Up Ooey Gooey Starfish - this multi-sensory toy is super sturdy and fun to squeeze. You can tap it and it lights up!

U-Fidget - This quiet fidget toy will keep fingers busy at home, in a restaurant, or on a plane.

Moody Face - is one of our most popular stress balls!

Crystal Glitter Goo - this thick putty features suspended glitter its fun to squeeze and manipulate.

Please note that each item comes in assorted colors.