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GoTalk 32+

Item # 705359
Sale Price $229.99


    Give augmentative communicators even more choices with the GoTalk 32+. This device provides expanded vocabulary choices and several sequential communication options with 5 pre-recorded levels. 32 message buttons create a 163 message capacity!  Each level features 3 "core messages" displayed on the top right of the board that stay the same on each level, eliminating the need for re-recording on every card. Users can easily adjust the volume by touching the up and down button.

    Users will appreciate the ease of recording and erasing features that include erasing whole levels. A record-lock feature protects users from accidentally erasing messages. Buttons are separated by a raised grid that helps communicators to select the correct button while also minimizing finger sliding and errors.

    Order the optional software to easily create custom overlay templates in minutes.  It contains thousands of PECS symbols provided, or you can easily import custom images.

    Order the optional Carry Stand to slant it at a 20 degree angle for easy viewing and access.


    • 32 message keys
    • 5 recording levels
    • 27 minutes of recording time
    • 163 message capacity
    • 1 year warranty
    • 5 core messages
    • 15 Minutes of recording time
    • Built-in overlay storage
    • Durable construction
    • Built-in key guards
    • Volume control
    • Built-in handle
    • Size: 14.25" x 10"x 1.625"
    • Weight: 2lbs 1oz

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