Getting the Message

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Most of us are aware of the importance of nonverbal communication, regardless of whether or not we have communicative difficulties. But for those who do, this become even more important. Especially when you consider that 55% of emotional meaning is conveyed with facial expression, body language and gestures while only 7% is expressed through words.

So much of what we communicate is through non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication is highly complex and subtle and essential for people to master. Getting the Message provides lots of facial expression cards and written scenarios for use in assessments as well as teaching activities.

Teach students to "read" the expressions on the cards and in the scenarios.

Once an expression is mastered, use the exercises to generalize this knowledge. This often neglected area of communication will help your students more effectively read critical social interactions and situations. This 167 page spiral bound book is reproducible and includes a Win/Mac CD with printable PDF files.