Functional Communication Games

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With 99 PCS symbols and 44 double-sided communication boards, this extensive set is a great resource for the special education classroom or therapy center. Five fun, encouraging game formats walk nonverbal and language delayed students through the basics of communication with the Mayer-Johnson Boardmaker Picture Communication Symbols. The formats feature many different styles of play and difficulty levels, allowing students of varying motor skills and verbal functioning to participate. Have fun with the traditional Webber Functional Communication Board Game, Spinning with Communication, Tic-Tac-Toe, Bingo, and Lotto.

Each of the 11 topic areas is covered with 2 communication boards, 18 receptive language cards, and 18 expressive language cards. These items are used in activities that target matching, forming sentences, identification, and answering questions. This is a great strategy for teaching nonverbal students to use augmentative communication and can also be used on those with language delays, children with hearing impairments or autism, and the visually oriented.

Topic areas include: Around Town, Feelings/Sensations, Food/Drink, Hygiene, Objects, Places, Playground/Park, School, Senses, Days of the Week & Weather, and Social Skills.

Set includes: 44 double-sided communication boards (9.5” x 11”), 396 color-coded question cards, game board, 6 weighted game pieces, 40 foam bingo squares, electronic spinner, and instruction booklet with game ideas.