Functional Behavior Assessment for People with Autism

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People with autism often exhibit disruptive behaviors that are challenging for parents, therapists, and teachers to deal with. When a person is noncompliant, aggressive, or engaged in repetitive actions that interfere with daily life they can become unproductive, or even dangerous. Written by Dr. Glasberg, a renowned autism specialist, this book will teach you how to do a functional behavior assessment.

You will learn how to identify the purpose behind problem behaviors, why the behavior started, and how to develop an intervention plan.

Full of easy to understand explanations, forms, and case studies this book is very practical for both parents and professionals. Learn how to measure behavioral changes, create an intervention plan, and adjust your plan as needed.

Beth A. Glasberg, Ph.D., BCBA is a Senior Education Specialist for the Cody Center for Autism at the State University of New York and a two-time recipient of the Lebec Prize for Research in Autism.