Fun-tastic Gift Pack

Fun-tastic Grade School Gift Pack

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Our Fun-tastic Gift pack is the perfect choice for birthdays or the holidays. We choose this set based on pure enjoyment. This set includes staff and customer favorites your special kids and teens are sure to enjoy. This set includes:

  • Tornado Lamp - the lamp features swirling water that slowly cycles through a rainbow of colors.  Forget about using batteries and purchase an optional AC adapter here.
  • Mash Ups Putty Smores - this fun putty set features three different smelling putties: chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker. Play with them separately or mash them together to make "Smores" putty.
  • Poppin Fidget - one of our top selling fidgets three years in a row! Super sturdy! Super Fun!
  • Tactile Sequin Snake - this is currently a warehouse favorite! Lay this snake across your lap for an amazing tactile treat. Perfect for rides in the car or traveling.
  • Liquid Timer - flip the timer over and watch soothing drops of water slowly sink to the bottom (approximately 5 minutes).
  • Squiggly fidget - this soft, stringy fidget is addicting to play with.
  • Colorful Crawler Fidget - this squeezy tactile toy easily fits in the palm of your hand or pocket.
  • Autism Sticker - put a super cool autism sticker on your lap top or water bottle (styles vary).

Recommended for kids ages eight and up.