Friends and Neighbors Game

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Learning about emotions and building empathy is so much fun with the Friends and Neighbors game! Your students will have fun working together to help solve the problems of various people. Cute kid-friendly graphics will engage your students as they try to match problems and their solutions.

To play, choose one of four game boards and fill the helping bag up with tokens. Players may take turns picking tokens from the bag. If your token can solve the problem of a person on the board, you get to put it down on that space! However, if five red tokens are pulled and placed on the stop sign, it’s game over. Players must work together to solve everyone’s problems before the end of the game.

This set also includes the Friends and Neighbors book for even more learning opportunities! Use the helpful Parent Guide for instructions on how to reinforce social skills lessons and help children build empathy and compassion.

Includes: 4 Game Boards, Stop Sign, Helping Bag, 14 Tokens, Parent Guide, Instructions, and Friends and Neighbors Book. Supports 1-4 players. Average game time: 10 minutes.

Recommended for kids ages three and up.