Focus Helper Set

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The Focus Helper set includes our best tools to help your students focus. This set includes:

  • Wiggle Seat Focus Cushion - place this on your students seat to engage their core muscles. Since these are some of the largest muscles in our body, it provides your students with lots of micro movement opportunities that won't disturb the class.
  • Noise Reduction Ear Muffs - the earmuffs fold down quickly for easy storage. Keep them in your student's desk so they can easily put them on when they need to block out disruptive noise.
  • Token Board Set - positively reinforce on task behavior with our token board set. Includes a 3, 4, and 5 star board.
  • First Then Cards - easily remind students of what they are working for to encourage on task behavior. For example, first math then recess.
  • Pencil Pushers - keep distracted hands busy easily and discretely with this set of three pencils with a handy fidget on top.
  • Desktop Countdown Timer - time is an abstract concept. Help your students manage their time by visually watching it count down as the red disc gets smaller.
  • Squeeze Star - squeeze balls can bounce and roll - causing distractions in the classroom. Our squeeze star works perfectly as a stress ball but won't roll if dropped.
  • Exercise Bands for Legs - help fidgety legs get some wiggles out without distracting the class. Just place this exercise band between your student's chair legs for some discreet leg movement.

Wiggle seat cushion size: 13" x 13"