Finger Fitter Pencils 1 Dozen

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The Finger Fitter Pencils Jumbo Pencils are made in the USA and are designed to make it much easier for young or inexperienced writers to hold a pencil correctly. This is a great tool for helping special needs children to improve their motor skills, coordination, and handwriting!

Each pencil features a triangular shape, making them comfortable and easy to hold. They are perfect for small hands and are great for helping struggling writers to practice the tripod grip. This twelve piece set is a wonderful resource for the classroom or home! Although these pencils are large and triangle shaped, they otherwise look quite ordinary and won't distract users.

This set comes with twelve Finger Fitter jumbo size pencils. Each pencil features soft, smooth writing lead and a non-smearing eraser. Pencils come in orange or yellow variants. This set is a great value and is perfect for early writers or anyone with difficulty gripping a regular pencil.