Fiber Optic Spray

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Your students with autism and sensory challenges will love the soft glowing lights of the Side glow sparkle fiber optic set. It’s perfect for laying across the floor, soft mat, or bean bag for soothing visual stimulation and tactile exploration. This stunning set has been used in school sensory rooms, hospitals, and private homes.

This item is manufactured in the UK and is safe to use with special populations. There is no electricity that passes through the fibers – just light. Unlike other fiber optics that use a glass fiber core, this one uses Plastic Optical Fiber (PMMA) that is certified as phthalate free.

Each set includes a color changing illuminator that you can set on one color or have it slowly move through the following colors: clear, red, magenta, blue, green, and yellow.

You have your choice of 100 or 200 fiber optic strands of various lengths.