Dive Into Shapes! A Sea & Build Geometry Set

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Do your students have trouble learning about geometric shapes? It can be difficult to teach mathematical concepts without visual aids and supports. This hands on activity is a great resource to introduce vital geometry concepts! Each piece in this set is brightly colored in a fun, ocean theme.

Designed to support the Common Core standards, this set features 60 sturdy sticks in three size/shapes that your students can use to build into a variety of 2-D and 3-D shapes. Your students will start off building simple circles, squares, and triangles and then move up to building a cylinder, cube or cone. By combining the fun of building with mathematical concepts, this activity makes learning geometry so much fun for students!

15 double sided activity cards will help your students build each structure. Every stick and connector is color coded to provide visual assistance to your students as they build shapes. The 30 activities slowly increase in complexity, providing differentiated learning opportunities for your classroom.

This set includes: 20 2.25" sticks, 20 3.5" sticks, 20 5.25" sticks, 20 curves, 34 connectors, 15 full-color double-sided Activity Cards, and instructions.