Discount Sitting Wedge

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OTs have been recommending sitting wedges for years to help special students with their posture and concentration. We are proud to offer an affordable, high quality discount sitting wedge as an alternative to higher priced items. This item is perfect for teachers or therapists aiming to provide special needs children with the tools they need while sticking to a budget.

Like the traditional Move-N-Sit, this wedge is easy to use-- just remove the plug and blow it up to the desired level.

No pumps are needed to implement this sitting wedge. Best of all, it's made of sturdy PVC vinyl making it a good choice for the home or classroom. This wedge features a smooth surface on one side and knobby 1/3 inch x 1 inch round nubs on the other side that provides some mild sensory stimulation.

Latex-free 10" x 10" is good for preschool and elementary ages. Assorted Colors