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Do you have a student with special needs who craves sensory input? The 13 inch Disc 'o' Sit Jr. seating cushion provides the movement and shape of a sitting on an exercise ball, but with extra stability. By providing movement for the "core" muscles of a child's trunk dynamic seating has been very helpful for children with Autism, Asperger's, ADHD, and sensory issues.

One side of Disc o Sit Jr. is smooth and but the other has slightly raised nubs so you can vary the texture. Children will enjoy feeling the different sensations as they wiggle and balance in their seat.

This cushion is small and discreet, and will not distract during class. Rather, by providing an accessible sensory and motor outlet, this cushion allows kids to better concentrate and calm down when it's time to learn. Or, use the Disc o Sit Jr. at home to provide therapeutic core exercise whenever it is needed.