Diary of a Social Detective

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Preteens & teens alike will enjoy investigating and improving their social skills with the help of Johnny Multony in this engaging detective novel.

Join Johnny as he moves from a social misfit to a social genius by creating his own detective agency.

Johnny uses his detective agency to help other students with common social problems and dilemmas such as cliques, disappointments, bullies, friendship, body language, and much more.

The included fun titles and stories are easy to relate to and encourage students to become social detectives in their daily life as the try to solve each new social mystery. A "Cracking the Case" ending for each chapter provides practical, effective advice for teens to deal with each social issue. This book is not only a great way to teach teens and preteens social skills, but is also an engaging detective story for anyone who wants to read something interesting and enjoyable.

This book is recommended for ages 9 and up.