Deluxe Elastic Shoelaces

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Turn any shoe into a slip on with our new Deluxe Elastic Shoelaces! These shoelaces pull and stretch to make a comfortable fit without the need to tie and re-tie shoes. Set up is easy-- simply lace up any tie on shoe as you would with ordinary laces. Adjust the amount of tension to your liking, and enjoy your new slip on shoes!

These laces are able to meet a wide variety of needs for users. They are designed to aid people with motor difficulties or low hand strength who may be unable to tie knots or bows. This can allow someone with special needs more independence and freedom while reducing daily stress. These laces are also great for those who have trouble reaching or bending over.

These laces come in black and white variants and are suitable for shoes with five, six, or seven eyelets. Sets include two pairs of laces.