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Corrugated Study Carrel

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    Do you have a child who struggles in class due to difficulty focusing? Block out distractions and help your students concentrate with this study carrel. This item is made of thick corrugated cardboard and features a durable writing surface. It is more stable than fold-out privacy screens.

    This is a great option for students with coordination issues who tend to bump or accidentally move their privacy screens. A great item for use in the classroom or at home during study time.

    You can also use this item to create a quiet, non-distracting space anywhere, easily for a student who just needs a few minutes alone.

    With a 25" width x 18" depth x 17" height it can easily fit on a table or student desk. The base provides a hard writing surface for your students.

    Lightweight yet durable, this item can easily be moved to different classrooms or centers as needed.

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