Color Cubes - Set of 102 Blocks

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Playing with building blocks is a great way for young children to learn vital developmental skills while having fun. Stimulate kids' imaginations, promote critical thinking, and build motor muscles with these fun and sturdy wooden cubes!

An ABA therapist favorite, this block set is great for teaching patterning, sorting, matching, block imitation and more. These manipulatives work well in the classroom too! Encourage your students to arrange the blocks into patterns, sort by color, or create simple structures. This set is highly versatile and is easy to incorporate into many activities and games.

Provide hands on learning to help your students develop their counting, color recognition, patterning, and knowledge of basic geometric shapes. Each cube is made out of sturdy, brightly colored wood and will not break down from wear.

Set of 102 cubes in 6 bright colors. Cubes measure 1" Recommended for ages 3+