Bullying Prevention Program: "Reel" in Bullying

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Bullying is an unfortunate problem in many schools today. Children may be afraid to defend others or report it to teachers out of fear. The Bullying Prevention Program is here to teach all students about the effects of bullying and help remove it from your classroom.

This is an excellent resource to help Teachers "reel in" bullying in their classes. This violence prevention program is a great way to inform your students on how to recognize and deal with bullies in an appropriate way.

The topics covered are:

  - Bullying on the Bus
  - Peer conflict
  - Learning the role of a bully in action
  - Why do bullies exist?
  - Different types of bullies
  - Targeted children
  - How to respond when targeted
  - What to do when you witness a bully attempt
  - Difference between reporting vs. tattling

Included in this casing are a large, fully-colored teacher's manual, student workbook, and a 90 minute DVD.