Bullies Victims and Bystanders

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Students on the autism spectrum frequently are the victims of bullying.

Encourage kids to think and solve this issue using a game format with Bullies Victims and Bystanders! Use this game to educate students on the consequences of bullying for everyone involved. This game is designed to teach your students positive behavioral strategies to overcome bullying.

While playing, your students will learn proactive ways to deal with bullies, how to help victims, and what bystanders can do when they witness it happening. Use this resource to teach empathy and prevent abuse in the future. The game is designed to introduce vital concepts and teach helpful language to empower your students to create a bully free classroom.

To play, students move along the board selecting bullies, victims or bystanders cards. Topic cards provide your students with lots of opportunities to model good behavior and practice strategies to deal with bullying. The game cards can be used outside of the game to provide discussion starting points to discuss positive and negative behavior as it relates to bullying.

Ages 6-12