Bookworm: Discovering Idioms, Sayings, and Expressions

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"This book will sell like hotcakes!" If you can understand what this means, you have just subconsciously interpreted an idiom. Most children learn these figures of speech in social contexts. However, for children who lack the ability to interpret an idiom, basic communication can get very confusing and difficult.

In this fun, award winning book, the young child Brett and his helpful dog Herman introduce students to a multitude of popular idioms in a fun, engaging way.

Bookworm focuses on idioms or expressions that have no literal translation. Kids will love to learn about them through the playful dialogues, clear explanations, and colorful images. This fantastic book makes figurative language both understandable and fun for struggling students. This book is a wonderful resource for parents, teachers, and therapists; and is a great choice for use in your home, classroom, or clinic. Winner of a 2009 Preferred Choice Award by Creative Child Magazine!