Blow Lotto

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Are the kids in your practice tired of blowing bubbles? Then your students will love Gonge's Blow Lotto game.

By moving the ball with their breath, players work on grading respiration. Experimentation is encouraged, as various lip movements and breath techniques must be used to move the ball in the correct direction. Students must also hold the Blow Lotto Board as they play, opening up more opportunities for motor skills practice.

This game makes practicing breath control and oral motor skills fun for kids! Up to four students can play together as they try to blow the ball from one hole into the next. Each hole features a picture that players can match with their lotto card-- cover all the pictures to win!

This item is a great activity for the therapy center. The breath control exercise develops muscles vital for speech and communication, while guiding the ball demands critical thinking and fine motor control.

Recommended for kids ages 3 and up.