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Helping Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Sleep Better

Posted by Terry Katz, PhD and Beth Ann Malow, MD, MS on May 24th 2017

We all need sleep to do our best each day. When we don’t sleep well, we tend to have difficulty performing well and are often in a bad mood. Children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) face man … read more

Are Spinner Fidgets Good for the Classroom?  

May 9th 2017

No doubt if you are reading this you have seen or heard about the Spinner fidget. It’s marketed as a “fidget to help you focus”, yet as I write this many schools are beginning to ban them from t … read more

5 Survival Tips for Teens on the Autistic Spectrum

Posted by JD Kraus on Apr 14th 2017

Be Yourself As hokey as this sounds it’s the truth. There is no point in pretending to be someone that you are not. As a teen, I tried to make friends by acting that I liked sports (since so many kids … read more

Three Keys to Fine Motor Skills Development

Posted by Mary Ann Heinz, COTA/RET on Apr 11th 2017

by Mary Ann Heinz, COTA/RETStand in front of a mirror and brush your hair or your teeth, bend over and tie your shoes, read a line of print from left to right across a page, cut with a pair of scissor … read more

Tips to Help Autistic Kids Make Friends

Apr 4th 2017

How Classmates Can HelpIf you have an autistic kid in your classroom, it would be nice if you invite them to play during recess. Playing with a classmate on the playground is something most kids take … read more