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5 Strategies to Help Students with Transitions

Posted by Bonnie Arwine, award winning author, and President of National Autism Resources on Feb 25th 2019

Transitioning can be difficult and stressful for people with autism spectrum disorders. Here are five techniques that can help to reduce anxiety and give a sense of predictability to transitions.1. … read more
Using a 5-Point Scale to Evaluate Problems

Using a 5-Point Scale to Evaluate Problems

Posted by Kari Dunn Buron on Feb 20th 2019

Emotion regulation (ER) can be simply defined as the modification of a person’s emotional state. This regulation of emotion should lead to positive, goal directed behavior. Some researchers believe … read more

The Power of Improv for Teens with Autism

Posted by Carol Moog, PhD on Feb 13th 2019

“Just be yourself!” Try telling that to a teen with autism! Much of the time when they’re just “being themselves” it’s considered wrong. They’ve been told that the way they pass papers in class, answe … read more