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Holiday Tips for Family Members with Autism

Posted by Bonnie Arnwine on Dec 5th 2018

The holidays are a fun time to visit with friends and family. Special decorations and traditions make it a festive time of the year. The holidays can also bring some challenges for individuals on the … read more

5 Awesome Cause and Effect Toys for Kids with Autism

Nov 19th 2018

Cause and effect toys can be very engaging developmental toys for kids with autism. These toys allow children to “cause” a type of reaction to their environment. For example, when they press a button … read more

Bounce Your Feet -- Improve Your Focus

Oct 24th 2018

Many students on the spectrum who exhibit challenging behaviors often benefit when given the opportunity to experience sensory relief when they are at school and at home. One unique sensory tool is … read more

Auditory Processing Strategies for the Classroom

Oct 2nd 2018

Auditory processing is a term used to describe what happens when your brain recognizes and interprets the sounds around you. Humans hear when sound waves travel through the ear and are changed into el … read more

​Simple Tools to Help Students Focus

Aug 23rd 2018

With the start of school it can be a challenge for students to settle in and focus. Below are a few simple tools you can use to help improve focus and attention to task.Provide students with a Fidget … read more