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Sleeping Issues on the Autism Spectrum

Posted by Louis Scarantino, Self-Autism Advocate on Apr 11th 2019

A common issue in many people with autism is an important thing that everyone in the world needs and is not getting enough of- Sleep! If we don’t get enough sleep, we don’t do well in our daily activi … read more

Promote Your Child's Independence Starting Today

Posted by Emily Iland, M.A on Apr 10th 2019

It's never too early or too late to prepare your child for life! The school years come to an end, but adulthood lasts for decades! The sooner you teach your child to do things for himself or herself, … read more

Worried About Not Doing Enough for Your Child? Don’t Be!

Posted by Russell Lehmann, award-winning and internationally recognized motivational speaker, poet, author and advocate who happens to have autism on Apr 3rd 2019

The most common question I get asked by parents of a child on the spectrum is “How do I know if I am doing enough for my child?”. By asking this question, it proves that you are indeed already doing e … read more

Life of a Behavior Therapist

Posted by Brante' Ruaro, Therapist Liason/Behavior Therapist on Mar 6th 2019

If I had to describe the life of a behavior therapist in one word it would be UNPREDICTABLE! Every client is different and every session is different. A behavior therapist may work with a client for t … read more