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Holiday Tips for Family Members with Autism

Posted by Bonnie Arnwine on Nov 1st 2019

The holidays are a fun time to visit with friends and family. Special decorations and traditions make it a festive time for everyone. Unfortunately, the holidays can also present chal … read more
Tips for Preparing  Your Child for Halloween

Tips for Preparing Your Child for Halloween

Oct 1st 2019

    Halloween is right around the corner and here are a few tips to help kids get ready. Happy trick or treating!  Trick or Treating Tips Trick or treating is … read more
Is Your Kid Chewing on Everything?

Is Your Kid Chewing on Everything?

Posted by Chris Chu on Sep 18th 2019

Chubuddy was started in 2011 after several years of struggles finding the right chew for our son. He was chewing through or losing 2-3 chews per week and we were concerned that he was swall … read more

Do You Always Have Worries?

Posted by Elizabeth Verdick on Sep 10th 2019

Got Worries?Sometimes, I write the books I wished I’d had as a mother of young children. Sometimes, I write books with my son in mind (The Survival Guide for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders). And … read more