5 Awesome Cause and Effect Toys for Kids with Autism

Nov 19th 2018

Cause and effect toys can be very engaging developmental toys for kids with autism. These toys allow children to “cause” a type of reaction to their environment. For example, when they press a button the toy makes a sound.

These toys move beyond teaching numbers or colors, they can encourage hand-eye coordination, sensory exploration, and cognitive development. Simple turn taking with cause and effect toys also provide fun social interaction with a child. This turn taking interaction is the foundation to social development.

Voice Changer

The Voice Changer is a speech therapist favorite. You can adjust the switches to change the sound of your voice. This is a good tool that encourages vocalization and imitation. Use it to encourage vocal communication by encouraging imitation of basic sounds, new words, and phrases.

Sound Puzzles

When you properly place a piece on the puzzle board you are instantly rewarded with a sound. There are several styles of puzzles to pick from, based on different themes such as farm, vehicle, or zoo. You can turn this puzzle into a simple turn taking game by taking out the pieces of the puzzle and taking turns putting them back in. The small pegs on each puzzle piece encourages toddlers to develop the fine motor grasp they will need to hold a pencil.

Wiggly Giggly Ball

This ball is extremely sturdy and giggles every time you roll or shake it. The instant gratification of the funny sound often engages young children quickly. Move from shaking the ball to rolling it back and forth as a fun turn taking game.


The Klickity is a very fun, colorful, tactile activity cause and effect toy that can intrigue everyone! It provides sensory and tactile feedback with its four different push and pull levers. As you push the levers/ball in, it releases a clicking noise and pops another lever or ball out. There is a roller ball in the middle that also provides a different type of feedback. 

Rain Tube

Flip the rain tube over and listen to soothing rain sounds as a cascade of colorful balls rain down to the bottom of the tube. This toy provides both visual and auditory sensory stimulation and like the other toys above, is easy to take turns with. It also works well as a simple distraction toy.