12 ways Interactive Reading Books from Greenhouse Publications can be valuable to you, your program, students, clients and children.

Posted by Joan Green on Aug 27th 2019

  1. Interactive Reading Books are in compliance with and have met educational standards.
  2. The books are considered supplemental curriculum materials and can be purchased with classroom and/or district educational funds.
  3. They were created to address common IEP goals in the areas of speech and language, academic and social emotional development.
  4. They are developmentally based and developmentally appropriate.
  5. The 7 levels of activities allow for a range of ages and abilities.
  6. Written instructions are written on the inside cover of each book.
  7. The books capitalize on visual learning styles which are helpful to many children, especially those on the autism spectrum and children with other developmental disabilities.
  8. The books are helpful to English Language Learners and Deaf and Hard of Hearing students since the pictures and sentences provide visual vocabulary and syntax information.
  9. Individuals who are shy, English language learners, deaf, non-verbal or language delayed can use pictures to demonstrate knowledge non-verbally.
  10. Books can be used in a large group, small group, 1:1 or as an independent activity.
  11. Interactive Reading Books can be used by parents, teachers, instructional aids, Speech and Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Educational Therapists and Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapists.
  12. These books can be used in schools, homes, centers or home-based programs.

Joan Green